Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ty Turns 2

It is hard to believe Ty is two, it is hard to believe we've been in Dyersville for two years.

The cake was made by one of neighbors and it was amazing! Everything was edible, but the characters...thanks so much Shelly! By the end of the day, Toy Story exploded in our house, but he loves each and every one of the gifts!







First Day Of Pre-K

I'm horrible...I know I am. It's been busy around here, I guess.

Drew did so well his first day of school and he loves it. He goes Monday-Thursday from 8:00-3:00.

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day Of...

First day of Pre-K for this baby.

He will have class Monday-Thursday from 8-3.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Never Ending

The never ending stomach flu has been going around the Pingel house for about a week now. The only person it hasn't affected is Jeremy, and today he is in Boone all day for meetings, so keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't get it. Germs...please go away NOW so I can have my happy and healthy babies back.

Monday, August 9, 2010

ENP Class Of 2000

Most of us have know each other since Kindergarten, some of us stated later at ENP, none the less 10 years ago we parted our separate ways. Most of us were ready to move on, leave home, and start a new life outside the small town of Eldora, but there are days I would love to go back and do it all over again. No responsibilities, no cares, no worries. I wonder how many of us thought our lives would end up they way they have?
Some of us only had to drive across town and some of us had to drive across country. Some of us didn't come because they have no desire to ever attend a reunion and some of us the weekend didn't work. This is certain, I had fun talking with each and everyone of you, thank you for make the short or long journey. I look forward to seeing you all in 5 years.

Two of the greatest friends anyone could ask for

The boys

The girls


Friday, July 23, 2010

Our Flood

This morning I woke up at 5:30 to go for my walk and looked down the road to the South and could tell it was flooded, by 7:00 it was almost to our house, and by 9:30 it was a close to 3 feet from our house. Our garage was under water, most of the yard was under water, thankfully we are on a bit of a hill otherwise it would have been a lot worse for us.
Jeremy ended up walking to work ,at 11:30, and shortly after he left we go about 2 1/2 feet of water in the basement. Thankfully I had so great neighbors whose house was dry that came to help.
The water outside has gone down for the most part, our yard and garage are no longer under water. We currently have two pumps going in the basement and the water is still just above our ankles.
As I'm downloading pictures Jeremy says the water is out of the basement. I hope the weathermen our wrong and the rain they are calling for tonight misses us so we don't have more of a mess in the morning. Keep you fingers crossed.
At 5:30 This Morning Looking To The South

Our Driveway At 7:00

Standing In The Front Yard At 7:00

You Can See It Creeping Its Way Up Our Sidewalk
At The Front Of The House At 7:00

A Boat Bringing Our Fireman Neighbor Home After Sand Bagging

The rest of these are from 9:30, it did get much closer to the one side of the house, I just don't have any pictures. The water started going down sometime after 12:30.
Our Backyard And Garage Area

You Can See The West Side Of Our House

Standing In The Front Yard

Looking Down The Street To The East

More Standing In The Front Yard...This Is About A Half A Block Away

Saturday, July 10, 2010